Интервью о работе в Дубаи для украинев

Work in the Land of Endless Summer – UAE (part ||)

Woman in arab country

Can’t help but ask if there is any discrimination in the workplace because of gender? Are specific occupations accessible only to men?

When it comes to discrimination of women in the workplace, it is not noticeable. However, there are also no procedures to ensure equal employment opportunities, so questions about age, marital status, or maternity plans may reduce a candidate’s chances of applying for a job.

However, it should be added that when it comes to the public zone, women are in a privileged position. This is manifested in showing the priority of women, for example, in offices or public institutions, by creating separate queues or waiting rooms.

In public transport, such as subways and buses, there are also special areas for women. You can also order a taxi designed for women (in pink), in which a woman is also a driver.

I answer your second part of the question.

There are no specific occupations that only men can perform.

And hours of work? In Ukraine, full-time is 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, what does it look like in the Emirates?

Many private companies set their working hours and non-working days. For example, I work from 8:00 to 16:00, or 8 hours a day, and I have two days off, which falls here on Friday and Saturday.

In turn, I know people who work 10 hours a day, with one hour lunch break. Other employees have an 8-hour working day, but only one day off. Therefore, much depends on the company in which you work.

How many days per year are employee leave? And what if we get sick. Can we use what is known in Ukraine as a hospital?

According to the law and customs, the employee is entitled to 30 calendar days of vacation during the year. Due to the fact that most people in this country are people of foreign origin, frequent actions are traveling to their home country and using monthly leave once a year.

Moreover, according to the law, the employer must also provide a ticket in both directions of the country of residence for up to one year or an amount expressing the cost of this ticket. This is an additional advantage that allows many people to see their loved ones.

As for the hospital, you can use 15 calendar days a year, which must be confirmed by a certificate from a doctor who certifies your state of health in a certain period. You are guaranteed the right to receive another 30 days, if there is a need as a result of your state of health, for this you will receive half of your payment for a given month. If you have health problems, you are entitled to another 45 days of vacation, this time in the form of free vacation. Thus, you can use 90 days of sick leave.

And now a question that will probably interest other women in particular. What is maternity leave in the Emirates? In this regard, Ukraine is one of the leaders in Europe. We wonder if he is also in the UAE?

Maternity leave in Dubai, unfortunately, in private companies is 45 calendar days. Then women have the opportunity to take a 3-month unpaid leave.

Work to expand maternity leave continues. Some Emirates, such as Abu Dhabi, have already extended maternity leave for up to three months and offered 3 days of vacation for new dads.

As a pretext for such a short maternity leave, it is worth noting that the income tax in the Emirates is 0%. For this reason, the additional benefits in the form of even maternity leave are less compared to countries with a different tax system. This does not change the fact that the discussion about the extension of the period that a mother can spend with a newborn child is still not ongoing.

Life in the Emirates, golden advice

We are also wondering if the information about the high quality of life in the Emirates circulating everywhere is correct. Can you dispel or confirm it? What is the relationship between earnings and the cost of living?

According to the Merc rating, Dubai ranks first in the MEA region and 75th in the world in quality of life. It is a safe place to live with a well-developed infrastructure and medical care.

Regarding the ratio of living expenses and earnings, basic needs, such as renting an apartment, buying a car, or going to the city, are provided to everyone with regional incomes.

Qualified employees, according to wage reports and depending on the industry, earn an average of $ 3,000 to $ 20,000 per month without interest on taxes.

A waste of earnings, as well as the prices of attractions for which you can spend your money, allow both a normal lifestyle and an extravagant lifestyle. Money in Dubai can be spent very quickly, so I think the cost of living depends on an individual approach to money.

How long are you going to be in the Emirates? Are you planning to return to Ukraine?

This year it will be 4 years since my leg began on the Arab land and I think that this adventure is coming to an end, and this is enough to be abroad.

I miss my family and friends, and even for the Ukrainian winter – although, probably, after the 6th heating tea, I quickly change my mind and get bored by the Emirates)).

What would you say to people who are planning to emigrate to the United Arab Emirates? Any golden advice?

My advice, if you are planning to move and look for work in the UAE, do not be afraid of changes and try to look for work from Ukraine by sending your resume through portals and recruitment agencies. My husband turned to the international company Smartstaff Recruitment, a very well-known company in Ukraine. Later, my friends and acquaintances often turned to me for help in finding employment, but I sent everyone to Smartstaff Recruitment, and you believe everyone who was really eager and who needed a job in the UAE, this recruitment company of all employers in the Emirates.

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