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Work in the UAE for Ukrainians

The labor market in Dubai offers huge opportunities for development and … huge incomes.

Dasha Ivashchenko – General Director of the Employment Agency Smartstaff Recruitment talks with Ilona Korzhenovskaya.

Smartstaff Recruitment is engaged in hiring employees from Europe to work in Dubai. The proposal sounds exotic and tempting at the same time, why can Ukrainians expect good work in this region?

The guy with the suitcase entered the hotel in Dubai and said in a low voice to the manager: “I would like to save my savings in the hotel safe. In the suitcase 100 000. Dollars.” The manager replies with a smile: “Please do not whisper, poverty is not a shame.”

This joke very accurately reflects the reality of Dubai. Until recently, the city in the middle of the desert, unknown to the average mortal, now the capital of the country is one of the largest, ever-developing financial powers. Beauty, luxury and great weather attract more and more tourists, and consequently, more and more jobs are being created. United Arab Emirates is a place especially attractive for specialists in its fields – doctors, engineers, architects, IT specialists and managers. With the increase in the number of five-star hotels that began to grow like mushrooms after the rain, the demand for employees from Europe in the gastronomy and tourism industry has increased. The opportunities in this completely new, ever-growing city with an abundance of cash are huge, and very high incomes at a zero tax rate are just an additional incentive.

The labor market in Dubai, of course, is different from the labor market in Europe.

What can surprise a candidate who has worked in the UK, Czech Republic or Poland?

First of all, finding a job there is not easy. It is not enough to come from place to place, leaving your resume, as before, hoping that someone will call. Because of the complex visa system and the requirements of employers, the hiring process is rather complicated, so you need to know how to do it. It is worth using the help of an employment agency, which, after all, is free, and this process is very simple.

The largest international teams cooperate in projects in the UAE. It should be remembered that 80% of Dubai residents are newcomers and only 20% are immigrants from the Emirates, it is more likely that your boss will be Canadian or Swiss than a citizen of the UAE.

In which occupations do you most often work in Dubai? Who has the best chance?

From October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021, EXPO will be held in Dubai, as part of a cyclical exhibition presenting achievements and achievements in the field of science, technology and culture from countries around the world. He expects more than 25 million visitors during this event. This will create many jobs in each industry. We, as an agency, want our compatriots to become a part of this global event. Arab Expo will be held under the slogan: “Connect the minds, creating the future.”

What are the incomes in Dubai compared to average earnings, for example, in the UK? Let’s compare.

The average salary in the UAE is about 17,000 dirhams, or about 4,000 euros. Staff of state administrations (over 9,000 euros per month), managers (over 7,000 euros), doctors (up to 50,000 people), specialists in real estate, law, telecommunications and the oil sector can count on the highest salaries. Earnings of waiters, bartenders, mistress is from 2 to 4 thousand. Euro. Thanks to free placement and low cost of living, you can save 80-90 percent of your income!

What kind of help from Smartstaff Recruitment can expect candidates who decided to work in Dubai, and want to assimilate with a new, previously unknown working environment?

Candidates who choose to cooperate with our agency can count on full care during the entire duration of the contract – from booking a ticket to assisting in concluding the terms of the contract with the employer. It is important that we work only with reliable and reliable employers.

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