In this section, we will tell you what path our candidate passes, who has firmly decided to find a job abroad!

STEP 1: Completing our application form SMARTSTAFF

Our application form was developed taking into account the requirements of foreign employers. You can download it in the section here

STEP 2: Screening – interview with our manager

The interview is the nature of the conversation, where we will determine your level of English, talk about employment process in abroad, edit your profile according to the requirements of the employer, as well as offer current vacancies.

STEP 3: Interview with the employer

When your CV is selected, you will be interviewed with the employer by Skype or by mobile phone. We will inform you about the date and time of the interview in advance so that you can prepare. How to pass the interview successfully, you can read in the section “Secrets of a successful interview”.

Most often, the interview takes place on Skype, large network of hotels in Oman and Bahrain prefer to conduct interviews with the candidate using a phone call. Recently, interviews have also started by  IMO application. In any case, all you need is to have Internet access and a mobile phone next to you to talk to the employer.

The results of the interview are summarized in several days. The result usually comes within 1 week. Sometimes it  happens that the interview takes place in several rounds. Several managers are responsible for recruiting staff in the company

STEP 4: Signing of the employment contract (work contract) with the employer

The long-awaited day has come! You have received  employment  contract from the employer. You need to sign it on each page (surname, name and signature), put the date, scan and send it to us. Also, together with the signed contract, you send a photo in electronic form 3 * 4, as well as color scanned copy of the passport. This is a standard package of documents for obtaining a work visa in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Sometimes they may require a certificate of non-conviction and / or a diploma of education, a basic set of medical tests (blood for hepatitis, HIV, fluorography). Medical tests and a certificate of non-conviction should be translated into English. These expenses are borne by the candidate at his own expense.

STEP 5: Pay for the  program

Payment for SMARTSTAFF services is carried out after signing an employment contract with the employer within 48 hours. More in the section “Cost of the program”

STEP 6: Working visa

Working visa is released from 1 to 2 months by the Ministry of Labor and Immigration of the state where you signed the contract. Working visa is sent to the agency by email, and we send it to you. The visa will need to be printed in color and presented at the airport.

Reasons for refusing visas to the Gulf countries:

  • If the applicant has already worked in this country and got a ban (work ban) from his previous employer or state;
  • If the applicant has not closed the previous work visa in the country, where he is again applied for a work visa; in this case, you need to close the previous visa.
  • If in the passport there are notes on the attempt or visit to the State of Israel; in this case, you need to change your passport.
  • If the candidate is under 18 years of age

STEP 7: Departure to work

After the visa is ready – we will send you the air ticket for a date agreed upon in advance. Most often, an employer buys a plane ticket from the capital (Kiev, Astana, Bishkek, Moscow, etc.).

At the airport after arrival  you will be met by a representative of the company where you will work, will take you to the accommodation for a rest from the road. The next day you will need to come to the head office of the company to get acquainted and sign the necessary documents, after which you will be presented to the work collective and free trainings and an introductory course will begin!

Good luck to all! 

Do you have  questions on the main stages of employment in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain – write to us by Skype smartstaff_recruitment